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Comparison of Xylitol Gum

B-Fresh Gum Epic Gum Spry Gum XyliChew Gum Sweetener: 100% Xylitol 100% Xylitol 100% Xylitol 100% Xylitol Xylitol Content per piece: BG: 1.79 g Other flavors: 0.89 g 1.06 g 0.9 g 1.0 g Xylitol Source: US xylitol from hard …
1st Jul 2022 Jackie

FAQ - Xylitol

What is xylitol? What is the source of the xylitol used in food? Where is xylitol made? How many calories are in xylitol? How does xylitol compare in sweetness to white sugar? Are any ingredients added to xylitol? How is xylitol classified as a food? In what form can xylitol be purchased? What are the dental benefits of xylitol? How does xylitol work to keep teeth health …
1st Jul 2022 Jackie

Dry Mouth Causes and Tips for Increasing Comfort

Most of us take for granted the saliva in our mouths.  Saliva plays a critical role in keeping our mouths clean and moist and helps to start digestion of the foods we eat.  Unfortunately, some people’s bodies fail to produce saliva, and they struggle with “dry mouth.” The cause of dry mouth varies.  Among other things, it can be a side effect of medications, the result of an accident or an immune disorder called Sjogren’s syndrome.  Whatever the cause, our customers with …
29th Jun 2022 Jackie

Comparison of Natural Sweeteners

Are you just starting to look into natural sweeteners or an alternative to sugar? You might have heard of xylitol natural sweetener, erythritol natural sweetener, or even monk fruit sweetener. We have tried each one and feel that each serves their purpose for drinks, baking, and flavor! We carry several different types of natural sweeteners and have outlined each product and brand below. We hope you find a natural sweetener that works for you!   Sweetener: …
29th Jun 2022 Jackie

What are Black Ice Breathing Masks or Charcoal Filtered Face Masks?

Not knowing what our lives will look like after the Covid19 induced “safer at home” and “shelter in place” relax, we have taken the precautionary route of offering to our customers a high quality charcoal-filtered cotton breathing mask.Why choose Black Ice’s Breathing Masks with activated charcoal filter? These face masks are made with 100% cotton. They help to filter: Viruses, Dust, Pollen, Pollution, Smoke, Germs, Bacteria The breathing masks are washable! Just wash your hands, remove th …
11th May 2022 Jana Duval