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Wildly Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic - 1 gallon pail

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One of the highest quality organic virgin coconut oils you will find. From Wildly Organic (formerly Wilderness Family Naturals), this coconut oil is centrifuge extracted and made in the Philippines.
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Wildly Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic - 1 gallon pail
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This centrifuged, virgin coconut oil has a very mild, light coconut taste. It is creamy and smooth when it is in a semi-solid state. Generally, it is completely clear like spring water when it is in a liquid state and pure white when it is in a solid state. This oil consistently rates number one every time it is taste-tested. It is USDA Certified Organic by ICS (International Certification Services). it is non-hydrogenated, contains no hexane or cholesterol.

How Centrifuged Coconut Oil is Made
Wildly Organic by Wilderness Family Naturals' Centrifuged Virgin Coconut Oil is made from fresh coconuts that are shelled, chopped and then gently expeller pressed. The temperatures of the coconut flesh and the resulting coconut milk emulsion are carefully monitored to insure they do not exceed 40° C or 104° F. Once the coconut is shelled, it takes less than 45 minutes to produce the milk. This coconut milk, with the aid of a series of centrifuges, separates the oil from the water components of the milk. The centrifuge works like a cream separator used for separating cream from cow's milk. It requires a series of passes through 6 different centrifuges before a pure oil is isolated, but the result is absolutely fabulous. Lastly, a slight vacuum is placed on the coconut oil to remove any remaining traces of moisture. Once all moisture is removed, the oil is packaged into new stainless steel drums for shipment to the US.

This 1-gallon coconut oil comes in a plastic bucket. Consider the pail opener for easier opening.

Wildly Organic Centrifuged Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic

Product Snapshot:
Made in: Philippines
Uses: Sauteing, stir frying, baking, eating raw
Unique qualities: USDA certified organic and raw (produced without heat)
Provides: Medium chain triglycerides and lauric and caprylic acids
Ingredients: See Ingredients tab above
Size: 1-gallon pails
Companion Products: Pail Opener

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Short Description:
One of the highest quality organic virgin coconut oils you will find. From Wildly Organic (formerly Wilderness Family Naturals), this coconut oil is centrifuge extracted and made in the Philippines.

Customer Reviews

6 reviews

  • 5

    Awesome stuff

    This coconut oil is awesome. The flavor is excellent. I use daily in my smoothies, and numerous recipes. Homestead's shipping is lightening fast as well. You can't go wrong with this product.

  • 5

    Great Quality and Great Value

    The coconut oil is very nice and meets the same quality as the very expensive brands sold at Whole Foods. The price is much cheaper. Fast shipping and great communication throughout the entire process. Thanks for everything!

  • 5


    I couldn't be happier with this coconut oil. The container is a #2 HDPE and the flavor of the coconut is delicious.

  • 5

    Da Kine

    Thank you for the Great Price and the Fast shipping.

  • 5

    High quality coconut oil

    I use coconut oil in cooking and baking,, and whip it with olive oil for a creamy skin lotion. I also use .every morning in my tea as my dog waits patiently for her spoonful... I have purchased the gallon size for years and when another company recently changed their processing, I found Homestead Market's coconut oil to be a high quality replacement.

  • 5

    Good stuff...

    I eat up to 3 1/2 tablespoons of coconut oil per day so this is an economical way to get it. I just spoon some out into the smaller jars to keep on the counter. This is good quality stuff. I recommend.

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