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Hager Pharma

Hager Xylitol Dry Mouth Drops - 2 oz bags

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Help increase saliva production in your mouth with these sugar-free drops that are sweetened with xylitol.
Hager Xylitol Dry Mouth Drops - 2 oz bags
Hager Xylitol Dry Mouth Drops - 2 oz bags
Hager Xylitol Dry Mouth Drops - 2 oz bags
Hager Xylitol Dry Mouth Drops - 2 oz bags
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Hager Xylitol Dry Mouth Drops - 2 oz bags
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If you are seeking temporary relief from dry mouth. consider these hard candy discs that are made to help form saliva in the mouths of those with dry mouth. They are sweetened with xylitol to reduce the plaque-forming bacteria and plaque debris that sugar can cause in our mouths. They are also free of aspartame, sorbitol, lactose, and gluten, and are suitable for diabetics.

Features of Hager Dry Mouth Drops:

  • Won't promote tooth decay
  • Contains low-calorie safe sugar substitute
  • Aids in saliva production
  • Perfectly complements tooth brushing

The xylitol in these drops is made from Finnish birchwood, and the drops themselves are made in China. Each 2 oz. bag contains 26 drops, and one drop contains two grams of xylitol.

In addition to Cherry, they are available in Melon and Mint, as well as a box of single-wrapped mixed-flavor drops.You can also purchase them in 12-pack boxes.

  • Sweetener: Xylitol
  • Xylitol Content: 2 grams per piece
  • Manufactured in: China with birch-based xylitol produced in Finland
  • Flavor Options: Cherry, Melon, Mint
  • Available Sizes: 2-oz bag; 12 pack (312 pcs.); 156-pc. sample box
  • See also: Dry Mouth Products

Hager Pharma Dry Mouth Drops - Cherry, Melon, and Mint

Xylitol, Gum Arabic, Natural Flavor, Malic Acid, Magnesium Stearate, Artificial Color.

Excessive consumption may induce laxative effects. RDA (Recommended daily allowance): Adults 4 drops, children 2 drops.

Unsuitable for children under the age of three (danger of suffocation). Unsuitable for pets.

This product and statements about this product have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult with your Health Care Professional regarding health care issues. Read more about Not Health Care Advice.

The actual product shipped may differ in ways which Homestead Market considers to be non-material from the description of the product set forth herein. Pictures and listed ingredients may not reflect manufacturer up-dates, new formulas and re-formulations. Please inspect the product closely upon receipt and contact Homestead Market if you are not satisfied with the product which you receive.
This product should be used only in accordance with the manufacturer s instructions. Please read all information about the product before use. Pay particular attention to any warnings or cautionary statements from the manufacturer. If you are uncertain about the use of a product, consult the manufacturer before using the product.

Please keep xylitol away from pets. Although xylitol has many benefits for people, it can cause serious health risks for dogs. Canine consumption of xylitol can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar which may result in depression, loss of coordination, seizures, liver failure or may even be fatal. Call your veterinarian immediately if you suspect your dog has consumed any amount of xylitol.


Short Description:
Help increase saliva production in your mouth with these sugar-free drops that are sweetened with xylitol.

Customer Reviews

1 review

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    Dry mouth!

    Posted by Patricia on 7th Aug 2022

    They work very well at getting my dry mouth.

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